She Exists

This theological discussion started towards the end of the last semester. ‘When you were little, did you go to church?’, my daughter asks. ‘No.’ ‘Mosque?’ ‘No.’ ‘…Jewish?’ ‘You mean, synagogue.’ ‘Synag – yes.’ ‘No.’ ‘Why not?’ ‘Because I don’t believe in God.’ ‘I do.’ ‘Is that so?’ ‘Yes. Miss Edmonds said that there’s a God.’ […]


Self-isolating with Anja (2) – Living in a Tyranny

‘If you think we’re having a hard time’, texts a friend whose daughter is friends with Anja, ‘A friend of mine self-isolating with twins has just discovered both are crawling with nits.’ ‘I can do better than that’, I reply, ‘There was an earthquake in Zagreb!’ All my loved ones are safe and reasonably undamaged. […]


Self-isolating with Anja (1)

On the third day of self-isolation the sun comes out over Scotland. Such a rare sight in recent months that it must be celebrated outdoors. It seems that people do go outdoors, it seems that’s still alright, walking, getting some air, it’s not deemed too contentious. So we head to St. Andrews. We make a […]