Can’t escape Sundays charts the rise and fall of a relationship.
Him and Her are two young people falling in love, starting a life together and experiencing a downward spiral of a relationship breaking down, including the deceptive excitement of freedom and the loneliness that eventually follows.

Through their dialogue we witness the exasperating, yet often very funny miscommunication between genders. Their monologues give us unique insights into female and male psyche and how deal with a myriad of issues that arise in the process of seduction, love and betrayal.


After their seemingly chance encounter in a night-club Lena and Anya become inseparable. Together, they cruise the world of Zagreb glitterati pushing their ideas of freedom, emancipation and cool to the utmost limits. Whilst their intimacy becomes more intense with each day, there is still a dark secret at the heart of their friendship: Anya’s secret lover is in fact Lena’s father. This unorthodox triangle, at the beginning just an edgy game for the girls, draws them deeper into a web of lies and split loyalties, challenging their ideas and preconceptions about themselves, family, love, fidelity, and most poignantly masculinity.

The Two of Us is a story about the extraordinary mutations of a traditional family unit in the context of a society in transition. It challenges traditional notions of the role of women in society, and through the prism of three women - a daughter, a wife and a mistress - it demystifies the concept of male in contemporary, Eastern European post-socialist world.


London, present day: an aspiring actress from Croatia, a Serbian stand-up comedian, a Bulgarian mafioso, a Norwegian journalist, a Moldovan sex-trafficking victim… Big city, big dreams, big fall.

Fragile! follows the stories of this group of foreigners to London who have all left their native environments for different reasons but all with a distinct sense of ‘not fitting in’. We find them in London, where they cross each other’s paths and change each other’s lives, whilst coming to terms with the fact that only here they have truly become ‘the other’.


A snowstorm brings an international airport to a standstill. The increasingly speedy modern life is forced to come to a halt.

We find a handful of characters stuck in this surreal pocket of time away from their real, everyday lives.

Ex-lovers run into each other. Will this be an opportunity to resolve ancient issues or is it too late?

A couple of recovering alcoholics are on their way to their first sober beach holiday. When one decides to confess to being unfaithful, in the canyon of mistrust that opens between them they find their sobriety put to a test.

A young Russian woman is travelling to America for what she thinks is going to be an au pair job. Can meeting Oliver, a grumpy conservative, lonely old man change her destiny? Can this bizarre predicament be the making of a beautiful friendship?

Two washed up stewardesses dream of a better life whilst drowning their sorrow in alcohol.

As they cope with their fatigue, exhaustion, jet lag and uncertainty, our characters are forced to reflect on their lives and perhaps even make some life altering decisions.


Zagreb, 2010. This is a capital of a young country, desperately hoping that ‘transition’ is finally going to expire from their lives. The characters live beyond their means and try to make sense of the world around them, each of them finding purpose in a particular belief that will bring some grounding to their life. For Mustafa it’s organising and presiding over a neighbours association which petitions to keep out the influx of inappropriate tenants. For Ana, who runs a dog shelter, it’s implementing the EU rules on dog adoptions. For Tanja, it’s organising a home birth to have her first baby, even if it means breaking the law. For Daniel it means leaving a high-flying consultancy job to become a life coach. Only Natasha, faced with failing to meet the criteria for adopting an abandoned dog, seems to think that none of the above makes sense. Despite high levels of intolerance and animosity they have for each other and each other’s beliefs, the arrival of a baby will bring this group of people together in an unusual act of solidarity.


Lara left home convinced that hard work and talent would reward her with a better life. Anton was forced to leave his village and finds himself suspended sixteen floors above a city, cleaning windows. Malik stands on a beach and looks out towards country where women reportedly walk half-naked. And Felix, a young businessman with a pretty wife and a lucrative future, finds it difficult to get out of bed in the morning.

Amid the world of visas and wind turbines, commuter flights and nightclubs, fairy tales and tabloid press, a chance meeting drives disparate lives towards a chilling point of no return.

A funny moving and topical portrayal of the world in flux, Invisible explores the many sides of migration.


Join characters from across Europe as they struggle to make sense of their ever-changing countries. From a confused arts funding panel in Brussels to a young couple suspected of being terrorists, a multi-cultural mix of 21st century issues are explored in this satiric and savagely comic snapshot of European life.

Post 9/11 paranoia, neo-fascism and a crumbling currency entwine in this exciting project – the result of a collaboration between theatres in the UK, Croatia, Germany and Poland.


is a musical for young audiences. It tells a story of how a theatre production comes to life. It follows the characters of the Playwright, Director and a company of Actors through the process of rehearsals as they battle a number of creative, financial and personal problems. It reveals the ‘behind the scenes’ face of theatre; the intricate web of relationships, talent, skill, patience and sometimes exasperation that go into creating the magic of theatre.

Parsifal (Perceval) – the Quest for the Grail

In a new reading of the famous legend, told here in verse with a contemporary sensibility, Perceval is a coming of age story, which explores the questions of love, loyalty, courage, empathy and the power of knowledge as the ultimate tool on the path from innocence to adulthood.